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Price: $53.65/Gal
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Combination of the strongest pyrethroid and most versatile neonicotinoid, providing maximum control of sucking and chewing pests to optimize yield. S TECHNOLOGY utilizes a patented formulation that enables the pesticide to penetrate the insect when formulated with specific AI’s. Restricted Use


Retricted Use: Yes
Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 5.7%, Imidacloprid 5.7%
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Similar To: Brigadier®
Product Density: 8.5 lbs / gal

The information provided by CommoditAg is for general information only. CommoditAg does not provide any assurances that this information is complete or current. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s official label to confirm the product is approved for your intended use, including, but not limited to application timing, rotational intervals, target crop, target pest, and compatibility with other products in a tank mix. It is a violation of federal and state law to use any pesticide product other than in accordance with its label.

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Restricted Use Yes Yes Yes
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